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Waste of Time Vs. Productivity

Waste of Time Vs. Productivity

One can take the same action as another and have a total different outcome.

Why is this. First of all the equation is different. PERIOD.

Example. 1 + you does not equal 1 + me.
Simple algrebra tells you that. Somehow the world has become so smart, that basic math has been lost. “Drink 64 ounces of water!” I’m sure you have heard this before, but if you are in South America during the hottest part of the summer, 96 ounces of water might be needed.

Each Situation is uniquely different even when they might look very similar.

The purpose of this article is to beable to activate discernment consciously. Everyday as I work on getting more productive, I ask myself is this a waste of time for the direction that I want to go in. I’ve learned when I asked myself that critical question, the answer is already implied the majority of the time.

How many times have we exerted effort and have been exhausted phsycially or ussually mentally and emotionally?  This is happens out of our ability OR lack of ability to discern and be strong in what is truly healthy and progressive for oneself. 

Taking a balance approach at truly deciding what is productive or a waste of time, I conclude that it is determined by one’s goals; long term and short term.

What is productive in January might be a waste of time to be done in November.  Meaning, it is quite important to know, reflect and understand your own goals, this way you will beable to catch any wasted time, because you have a clear picture of where you want to go and how to get there.

Remember, we KNOW we have one life to live. Be a Producer compared to a Waster.

~Peace to all of the Human Families~


$7 for 3 Donuts

$7 for 3 Donuts

So check it out!

 I’m leaving the gym this morning, fresh off a strong build, when I remeber I need to return a redbox dvd.   I always end up returning these things late, but that’s neither here nor there.

 On my way to the box, I pass a Krispy Kreme with the “HOT” sign on. In my mind I’m taken back to the days when i was a young uncivilized lad and needless to say I did not eat to live. So I drop off the redbox, tell the homless person next to the machine, “I don’t have no change,” and I’m off to the Krispy Kreme. “HOT” sign is still on so I’m good. Like I said, I haven’t been to a Krispy Kreme in years so I don’t know the prices.   All i know is people usually order the joints by the box, and I didn’t want a whole dozen. So i order half a dozen ” HOT ONE”. This is when the greed kicks in. The lady on the drive through hits me with the upsale that i should be able to refuse, but i don’t.   For an extra .65 cent i could get the whole dozen.

So now I’m 12 donuts in and the total is close to $7. Of course I smash on the joints before I’m even good and out of the lot because I want them while they’re hot…to make a not so long story shorter I only eat 3 of the donuts (smh). Now the reason I decide to turn this little wasteful string of events, into a post is becasue as I’m riding back to my kingdom, upset with myself for wasting money so early in the day, i realize that there is a lesson to be learned, and that lesson, like all life lessons can be shared.

In life everyone is in the pursuit of 12 jewels, whether you know it or not.                                                  Now you know.

The 12 jeweles of life- or the 12 jewels of Islam, in the muslim world- are 1.knowledege 2. wisdom 3.understanding 4.freedom 5.justice 6.equalitty 9. shelter 10. love 11. peace 12. happiness.

In one way or another we are all striving to collect these jewels, whether we be savages in the pursuit of these earthly treasures or righteous (riches). This is something that I know and understand. 

Today I have realized, by having committed a sin of gluttony against myself, that there is only one of the twelve jewels that can be had in excess. The seventh jewel is the only jewel that any can have too much of; The way I see it.   And when one decides to consume too much of this jewel it leads to destruction. It’s not healthy.

All other jewels you can have an abundance of, but food you cannot, becasue a man or woman only has so much physical mass and can only consume so much;  Yall know the science. Once you have too much then you become wasteful,  and effect the entire universe by either horading or wasting.   So in all your getting get knowledge, wisdom, understanding.., get love peace and happiness, just be careful when you are getting that bread because you can con yourself and end up wasting what it is you already have (message!) 

Ohhh!! and by the way when I got back to the kingdom the rest of these donuts were going to go to waste, so I circled the block, pulled up to this ally where there’s this little bum village, rolled down my window and they swarmed my car thinking i had that jug.  I said ,”say brah yal want sum donuts,” the bum replies with a glazed look in his eye “awww, your mother died?!   Well, you had insurance didnt you?” (wtf) “here, man share these with them.”


Amber Rose in Supreme Attire via. Rome’s Supreme’s Tumblr

Amber Rose in Supreme Attire via. Rome’s Supreme’s Tumblr

The Supreme MC, once again give us a dosage of his taste, while offering powerful imagery, the same way he does in his music.  Amber Rose is featured on Rome Supreme’s latest blog.

!!!Click Now!!! ~ ~ !!! And Enjoy!!!

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